How can you reach to Adachi Clinic walking from Kashiwa station?

1) First, go out from Kashiwa Station through central gate. Turn right toward the East Exit.

2) Then go down to the ground floor. Proceed forward with your back to the Station.

3) If you are in the right direction, you will halfway see Ito-Yokado (イトーヨーカドー) with a symbol of pigeon on your left.

4) When you reach the next signal, you can see Kashiwa Shrine on your right across the street. The left side of the Shrine is Kashiwa ginza street(柏銀座通り). Go into the narrow street.

5) The street will go down, then slowly up. At the end of ginza street, it diagonally merge to the prefecture road 51.

6) Look to the Front. Across the road, there is a way between a barber(柏バーバー) and a condominium. Choose the way.

7) The way end soon and you can see an orange-colored house on the right side, which is Adachi Clinic. Welcome!

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