Adachi Clinic
-Numbudripad's allergy elimination technique(NAET)/SacroOccipital Technique(S0T) professional by medical doctor,in Chiba,Japan-

1-4-8 Chiyoda-cho, Kashiwa-city, Chiba-pref.,JAPAN
15 minutes' walk from Kashiwa Station
in Joban line rapid service(30 minutes from Ueno)
or in Chiyoda subway line(45 minutes from Otemachi)

* Access information 1 - MAP in Japanese
* Access information 2 - A route walking to this Clinic from Kashiwa station.

š OPEN at
@9:00 - 12:00 @14:00 - 17:30@
on@Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

call at 04-7105-7755

mail to

If you are a small child or in very severe condition and want NAET,
You need a person acting in place of you during the NAET practice.
I'm sorry I don't have constant preparation of the supporter,
so please come with your collaborator.

Chiropractic:mainly SacroOccipital Technique(S0T) 5000yen
NAET first visit 5000yen
NAET second visit and after 2500yen
NAET coupon for 5 times(2nd visit and after) 10000yen
* Ifm sorry, we accept only Japanese currency.

š About ME


Medical Doctor
Dermatological specialist

graduated Chiba University

Chiropractor certified by Pacific Asia Association of Chiropractic(PAAC)
SOT basic, advance and cranial practitioner certified by SacroOccipital Research Society International(SORSI)

Certified NAET(Numbudripad's allergy elimination technique) practitioner from 2006

I was a very severe Atopic Dermatitis patient.
If you are interested in my history & thoughts,
please see

Chemical Sensitivity, Electromagnetic hypersensitivity, Atopic Dermatitis, Other Skin Diseases, Food Allergy, Autism, General Malaise, Anemia, Emotional Disturbances, Effects of diverse Radiations including Nuclear ones, Chronic Pain, and more...

š About My ENGLISH

As I have been living in Japan totally in my life,
my English is not fluent.
If you can get an interpreter, it'll be convenient.
But if you have to come by yourself, I'll be able to communicate you.
I look forward to your visit for your better health.

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